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Dear Governor Brown and Secretary Laird,

In response to this Administration's attack on California's endangered species that are both State and Federally protected (see,, I object to your premise of attack. There is no opposition to green, renewable, clean energy (i.e., solar or wind), within the ranks of the environmental movement, or most likely, from anywhere else. There is opposition within these ranks, to the eradication of protected species by the placement of large scale, corporately owned, power plants, whether they be nuclear, coal, solar or wind-based, in sensitive habitats that have laws of protection enabled by the citizens of the Nation and State.

Green energy is "green" not only because of its reduced carbon footprint, or its reduction in the use of natural resources, but also because it doesn't harm the environment in other ways, like eliminating protected species or destroying critical habitat. Just because a large corporation has the name "solar" attached to it, doesn't give it carte blanche to by-pass the laws of this State or Country, and just because these same corporations promise short term jobs, a boost to our failing economy and the designation of California being the leader in Green energy, doesn't give this Administration carte blanche to trash these same environmental laws that have been so hard to come by, or to try to "crush" those who are trying to uphold them. We need this administration as an ally not as an adversary. Many of us are the ones who put you in office. We stood by you then; we need you to stand by us now. Many of these "green" projects can and should be relocated. We need them and want them, just not in irreplaceable habitat. Two of these are located in the Carrizo Plains. A small area of critical habitat to more endangered species than anywhere else in California. Just one mountain ridge away to the East is located the Westlands CREZ, an area of unsurpassed benefits for these contested projects. There, there are no endangered species, there is no critical habitat. It is there these projects belong.

While I am on the subject of green renewable energy, lets look at conservation. This State could be a true leader in green technology by implementing a conservation policy that highlights distributed energy. Let's first deal with the obvious before we consider the destruction of our environment to allow us to "maintain" our gluttonous lifestyle. Teach us how to turn off the lights when they're not needed, how to drive energy efficient cars, how not to rape our resources, how to live simply so others may simply live.

It is more than disappointing to learn that our Governor, who earned our vote due to his "environmental" stance, is using his power and influence to "crush" rather than to protect our environment in California. I urge you to guide this beautiful State into a new era of sound conservation, real incentives for household solar water heating and distributed photovoltaics, and environmental protection, and away from more wholesale environmental destruction by corporations for short-term energy waste. The legacy you leave for our future California generations will either be a wasteland covered with miles of solar panels and electrical towers or a way of sustainably living within our means as individuals.

Respectfully Yours,
Patrick McGibney
San Luis Obispo County


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