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The Carrizo Plain

is the largest intact native grassland remnant of the vast San Joaquin Valley grassland and one of the most biodiverse  and productive ecosystems in California – home to 34 endangered or threatened species.  A true serengeti – “endless plain” – the Carrizo is a large enclosed plain 50 miles long and up to 9 miles across, in southeastern San Luis Obispo County.  The Plain contains the Carrizo Plain National Monument, including Painted Rock, a sandstone alcove adorned with Chumash and Yokut pictographs and rock art dating from 2000 B.C. and which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Read More about the Carrizo Plain

Save the Carrizo

Carrizo News and Information

Painted Rock visitation and Permit information

A few of the species on the Carrizo Plain

Cartoons by Russell Hodin


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